Friday, December 18, 2009

Protect Your Home this Holiday Season

For many homeowners, the holidays mean traveling to see friends and family. Although Vermont is ranked the #2 safest state in the nation (according to CQ Press's Annual Crime Rating:, homeowners should still take exta precautions when leaving their homes unattended for a number of days. To ensure your family returns home to the same house you left behind, please take a look at these suggested precautions (courtesy of the Burlington Police Department):

*Lock all doors and windows: use deadbolts

*Store all valuables and personal belongings out of sight, securely inside your residence

*Draw all first floor shades and window treatments to prevent thieves from "window shopping"

*Utilize timed lights and/or motion lights to deter thieves

*Notify trusted neighbors of your travel plans

*Arrange to have mail and other deliveries to your home stopped or picked up

Of couse, may your travels be safe as well, and have a very happy holiday!

-Jamie Wright, REALTOR

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