Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don't Make the Mistake....

Yahoo! Real Estate just posted an article: 10 Worst First-Time Homebuyer Mistakes 2010 (which I would be willing to bet looks quite similar to the same list for 2009). At any rate, while the article does bring up some very good points, it doesn't by any means pertain solely to first-time homebuyers! Purchasing a home (whether your first or your tenth) can be overwhelming, and being informed going into the process can definitely ease some of the stress.

A couple of my favorite points brought up in the article are:

Mistake #2- Skipping Mortgage Qualification. It is SO devastating to buyers when they walk into a property that they love, only to find out that they can not afford it. Trust me, skip the heartbreak, and get pre-approved before you get emotionally vested in any property!

Also, Mistake #9- Not Choosing to Hire an Agent! The fact that some buyers try to take on such a huge endeavor AND investment without representation baffles me! That would be like me to trying to replace the engine in my myself! The results could be disastrous- and potentially costly! (Besides, any Realtor will help you through the process so that you avoid the other nine mistakes mentioned in this article- it's a no-brainer!)

Enough of my rambling, take a look at the article yourself! If you are a first-time homebuyer and looking to start the homebuying process, feel free to contact me today, and we can get you started off on the right foot!

-Jamie Wright, REALTOR

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